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Outdoor Wedding Ceremony

Bozeman, Big Sky & Beyond

Wedding Photographer

Hi, I'm Katie 




I want to create something special with and for you. High-quality, keepsake images that remind us of living life to the fullest. Nothing boring, nothing forced, just bold, beautiful, genuine moments captured and curated with love and respect


I look forward to connecting and creating with you!

-Katie Miller, Millwood Photography

Bozeman, MT 


As the owner and lead photographer of Millwood Photography, I have been passionately working and photographing weddings since 2011. I absolutely LOVE what I do and who I get to do it with. I never thought I would get to travel to the most picture-perfect places in Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, even New Zealand & photograph some of the most genuinely awesome, kick-ass couples I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. 



to create a comfortable and laid-back environment where my clients can be themselves, tell their story in their own way, and create something truly special to cherish for generations to come. I believe in the power of high-quality, keepsake images that serve as reminders of living life to the fullest. No boring poses or forced smiles, but rather bold, beautiful, and authentic moments captured and curated with love and respect.

At Millwood Photography, we strive to go beyond simply taking pictures.


If you book with us, you don't just get an awesome and fun wedding photographer  so we've been told :) 


You get a wedding bestie, fairy god, sista from-anotha-mista.


Someone to help guide you from engagement to "I Do". Someone who knows your best angles, will always tell you if there is something in your teeth, someone who reminds you to snack and drink water throughout the day. Someone who will tell Uncle Gary to put his cell phone away during the ceremony. And my personal favorite, someone to have a celebratory tequila shot or champagne toast with you at the end of the night hehe 

If you like 1)camping, snowboarding or just generally being outdoors, 2)happy hour margs, 3)hiking with your dog, 4)roadside farm stands and/or 5)true crime - hey, hi, hello! We're gonna get along juuuust fine. 

Let's chat a bit (no strings attached) and brainstorm what kind of epic, awesome photographs we might create together <3

I have one goal in mind –

Hi, I'm Katie 


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